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TAqua24 started this conversation
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 in response to FeBee...   I must take issue with your post. Everyone that uses Aidpage is NOT getting some type of help. I am an example of this. I have not been offered help, or even a kind word. I am doing all the things you mentioned, and trying my hardest to get my life back...So far? NOTHING
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hopefull man
 in response to FeBee...   i dont know i have had no responces
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I hope things are a little better. Everyone that uses Aidpage is getting some type of help which is good. The main thing is asking for help, looking for the help, and then getting the help.The people here at Aidpage are great. If they don't have the answer they will find it. Sometimes all you need is someone to talk to. If you have spare time, no money go to a animal shelter and volunteer for a couple of hours. The animals will love it and it will make you feel great.
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